Amber and Josh

We have been together, officially, since April 22, 2003. Josh proposed on May 15, 2010. We met through mutual friends in Josh's hometown of Lake Charles, Louisiana. I was living there to go to school, and had been planning to go back home (Dallas area). When we first started dating, I told him that I wanted to go back home pretty soon to finish school and be with my family. At first, he really wanted me to stay, but then we began to discuss the possibility of him moving with me. I know everyone thought we were crazy because we had only been dating for a few months, but we did it anyway. We moved to the Dallas/Fort Worth area in October of 2003 and stayed with my parents for three months before getting our own apartment. Three apartments and two cities later, we bought our own home in 2009.
     Marriage had been talked about for years, but we were never in too big of a hurry. During the beginning of my last semester of college while I was student teaching (January 2010), Josh and I had gone window shopping for rings so that he could get an idea of my style. Well, the second place that we window shopped was Jared. There was an incredibly helpful salesperson there who would choose settings for us based off of the ones that she noticed me liking. When I saw the setting, I knew that it was a unique piece but classic enough for me to wear forever. After a little while of deliberating, we ended up purchasing the setting. It was a surreal moment for us both because we had no intentions of making a purchase. Josh even said, "Well, forget about this day because it will be a while until I can propose because I won't be getting a rock anytime soon!"  He said that because he wanted to be able to surprise me when the day  came. I totally understood and I really did put the setting out of my mind, after all- diamonds are expensive! So, I went about my semester of student teaching giving little thought to that setting that he had hidden away somewhere. Graduation day came, and he proposed while he was giving me a toast in front of my friends and family. It was so touching. For more on that story, and for pictures, check out The Ring and the Story.