1. If you haven't seen them already, our amazing and talented photographer, Colton, has published our E-Pic Previews. I also added a section to this website for them.
2. Also, wanted to add, we are so relieved to have a DJ chosen and booked! Now, our next huge check is CATERER. We are meeting with Black Eyed Pea Catering on Monday. We have heard great things about them, so we have a feeling that they will be "the one." :)

3. I can't believe I did not mention this sooner, but my amazing Josh did research on his own and booked a very cool vintage car/limo to take us to the airport after our reception! We are even going to make a "pit stop" somewhere so that our photographer can take pictures of us with our car and champagne. Don't worry, the car comes with a driver!
Things are really starting to come together. I have SO MUCH DIY STUFF TO DO, it's unreal. I'm still a little overwhelmed with ideas and it's hard for me to put everything together in my mind.. but I know it will turn out amazing no matter what because I will be surrounded by all of my favorite people! AWWW!

Check some updates that I have done throughout this website. I updated my ToDo list, my vendor list, I added our e-pics, and I'm still in the process of updating some of the other random pages. :)

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