FINALLY- we have completed our final two big things from the list! Flowers and tuxes!

I am so excited to work with Amalia of Unique Creations. Her husband works with my future husband, and so it was meant to be! I could tell that she really understood my "vision" and knew where I was going with my ideas.

The bridal party flowers are going to look different from those flowers below... I started with the first bouquet pictured as inspiration. After that, we just sort created our own look in our minds. The pictures after that first picture are ones that I have found that are similar to what we are doing. Imagine a less flashy version of the first bouquet with certain qualities of the bouquet below. The gals' bouquets will have similar flowers, without the feathers and pearls.  The 2nd picture has a similar look, but without the calla lilies. The 3rd picture has a similar look, but with more stuff going on in the bouquet, and shorter lily grass.
For the boutonnieres, we are probably doing ranunculus with a touch of hydrangea and a loop of lily grass. :) I couldn't find anything on the internet that looks like what we are thinking.

For centerpieces, I am of course still sticking with the milk glass vases, but we decided to have 3 vessels on each table (1 larger, two smaller). Each vessel will contain the same type and color of flower, but different from the two vessels that it shares a table with. Hard to explain. Then the sweetheart table will be the only vessel that has an arrangement that mixes all the flowers from the reception space. I think it will look great!!

Moving from flowers to tuxes-- I'm so glad to have the tuxes picked out! The guys are going to look so sharp! :) We ordered our tuxes from Al's Formal Wear in Hurst, Texas and we had good customer service.

This is what we are doing as of now---
Josh (the groom):
The groomsmen and Man of Honor:
The ushers:
My dad (who will look SHARP):


04/13/2011 19:57

Everything is winding down! and coming together wonderfully Everyone is going to look so good You have worked so hard.


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