I have not been in touch with many people the last ten days or so. I was out of town for several days, and since then I have been consumed with work (TAKS WEEK) and my invites. OMG I am starting to really sweat the time right now. I REALLY wanted to send them out next week, but I just ordered my envelopes this week, so not sure if it will happen! I can't wait too long because my RSVP is the 1st of June. As of now, I only have about 25 invites that are completely finished (minus the envelope). I still have lots of paper to cut, lots of paper to ink, and lots of paper to glue. This has been pretty time-consuming, I suppose, but I am happy with the way they are turning out.

I have soooooo much to do. SO. MUCH. STUFF. I'm not just saying that. I really, really do. And I know that I brought it on myself since I am a customization queen and a DIY girl. But, I just wish I had more time in the day, and longer weekends! I already have atleast three weekends dedicated to dress fittings or showers, and I only have a handful of weekends left. I'm really starting to stress about everything, but Josh tells me to take one thing at a time, and that's really what I'm trying to do.

If you read this, sorry! I'm just venting. Nothing fun to look at! Too tired/busy to take pictures as I'm doing my wedding stuff, but hopefully there will be some pictures soon!


05/01/2011 16:12

Thank you!!

I found your blog through one of your posts on The Knot. I saw that you are a Saginaw bride so I was curious (since I am a Bedford bride). I love what you are doing! The feel is similar to my fiance and I's wedding (which is June 11th) so I have really enjoyed looking through it.

Back to the "thank you" part. Since our wedding has a lot in common with yours, I looked at your vendor list. We have been in desperate need of ceremony musicians and have now booked Serenata Strings! So thank you very much for giving me the great vendor suggestion! :)

Bedford Bride

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