So, yesterday, we went to two really adorable venues. We went to The Country Abbey in Justin and Rose Chapel in Fort Worth. Josh and I really liked both of them and would be happy with either one. There are some things about each one that we liked and didn't like.
     For instance, at The Country Abbey, the dressing rooms are large and comfortable with ample seating. There is an on-site Bed and Breakfast that you can stay in the night before (maybe with your girls) and then get dressed in the day after before they actually let you into the dressing rooms attached to the chapel. They also have a small house that can be rented for a few hours for a rehearsal dinner/bbq. The drive is quiet and convenient with little traffic. The chapel itself is adorable and Naomi, the one that helped me, was incredibly friendly. The only thing that we did not totally care for was the reception hall. It is relatively small, but it can accommodate the guests we are anticipating, the DJ, the dance floor, the cake. The ceilings, however, are really low compared to most reception spaces. The rules of the venue are very laid back and it seems that most of my decorating ideas would be allowed (hanging things from walls with 3M adhesives, hanging from ceiling in reception hall). A good thing about this place is that we have the option of having self-serve alcohol or getting a TABC bartender. A drawback of this place was that you had to do all cleanup of the facility afterward. I'm not sure what this would entail aside from getting your own things and maybe picking up any rose petals that may have been thrown.
     Rose Chapel was also very cute. Joni, the one that helped us, was incredibly friendly and helpful. The drive there was a little more congested because it does require you to get on a busy  highway and you take multiple turns getting to the chapel. At first, you feel like it may not be the best part of town, but it starts to get really cute as it gets further into the historic district. The chapel, itself, was very cute. The dressing rooms are kind of a joke for the guys. It's like a closet, but it's like Josh and his sister said. They don't really NEED a dressing room. The Bride's dressing room is really small, as well, but it should get the job done. I would have to find a nearby hotel to be able to comfortably get "pre-dressed" before I go to the chapel to finish getting ready. The reception space at Rose Chapel, however, is gorgeous! It is an old ballroom with a stage and high ceilings and windows. I was told that I could hang things with those 3M adhesives as long as it was approved by them, but she seemed like it wouldn't be a problem. The space, itself, is quite a bit larger than the space at The Country Abbey. We would be able to fit our guests inside very comfortably, as well as possibly having a little DIY Photobooth in the corner, like I had imagined previously.  Plenty of room at this venue. We do have to have a TABC bartender to serve alcohol here, but I know that won't be a problem for me to find since I am a bartender, myself, and I know many other bartenders. Rose Chapel provides all cleanup as well as coordinators to make sure the wedding goes smoothly.
     I would say that Josh and I would be content getting married at either place. I would also say that Rose Chapel would probably be our preference BY A HAIR. The convenience and the amazing dressing rooms at The Country Abbey were awesome. The ballroom at Rose Chapel, however, is... pretty incredible-- and that is where our guests will be having fun and letting loose. That is the experience they will take with them. If I could trade the reception spaces for the two places, I may choose The Country Abbey... but that ballroom is just a really cool place to celebrate a marriage.
     They are both available for the wedding date that Josh and I had in mind, so I have a feeling that I will be telling my photographer, "Make it 07/09/11!"

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